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Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

You can find lists of the positive benefits of Yoga all over the place.  For convenience we’ll list them here, tailored towards the modern workforce.

  • Counters the hours of sitting at a desk, which shorten muscles and create tension.
  • Reduces stress, countering the fight or flight response, which causes damage to body systems that are shut down when stressed (reproductive, digestive, immune).
  • Clarifies perception to boost creativity and problem solving ability.
  • Improves long term health.
  • How yoga reduces stress:
    • Release of muscular tension facilitates the relaxation response
    • Yoga massages and strengthens the skeletal system, taking stress away from muscles and tendons
    • Yoga postures massage the organs, releasing tension, and allowing fresh blood to flow in
    • The body believes what the mind believes.  Affirmations, meditations, and positive imagery can induce the body to relax even if you are not currently feeling relaxed, are tense or stressed.
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  • Janice George
    Posted at 09:54h, 19 June

    Your action as a compassionate warrior out in the world offering your skills is a beautiful thing to behold. The movement grows! Shanti

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