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Evolution of Yoga

Evolution of Yoga

In the past year I’ve read it expressed a few times that yoga needs to evolve. It’s an interesting opinion, that ironically misses what I think is the core of yoga.

This idea that yoga has to evolve is ego based and very Western. I believe it stems from raga (attachment) and dvesha (aversion), a fear that knowledge that has come from outside of us might be true.

Raga causes us to grasp to our own intellect and interpretation as something of absolute value, and dvesha causes in us a need for something new because we are repulsed by the possibility that there may be great applicable wisdom in something that has existed for ages.

Like the latest exercise or diet fad, we chase after a quick and new fix, instead of seeing the wisdom of something that has been proven over time and be willing to try and use it for our personal enlightenment (or elevation if you like).

Maybe the language, or packaging, needs updating from time to time to reach the next generation a little easier, but it should always come back to the basic practices that are time tested.

Yoga is a program of action, created and tested over a few thousand years, to elevate the consciousness of the practitioner. It’s a process of enhancing our awareness to encompass more than just ourselves. Of crashing through, or slowly eroding, the walls which surround our selves. This clarity allows us to discern the truth, devoid of our personal ideals or emotions on any particular subject.

Yoga is not about loving everything, though you will probably feel more love for yourself and others. And while acceptance is an aspect of the 8 limbs of yoga, it is not acceptance of everything without discernment. It is not an “everything is yoga” attitude, or an “anything is baseball” attitude. Baseball is baseball, and yoga is yoga. Maybe you’d like to combine yoga asana and baseball, but that would be something different than yoga or baseball.

In short, we are the ones in need of evolving, not yoga.

May we all be open and receptive to our highest good,


A singing bowl is a great addition to a personal meditation practice. The vibration and sound, I’ve found, can be extremely relaxing.

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