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Guide to Savasana

Guide to Savasana

Savasana (pronounced shavasana), or corpse pose, is typically done at the end of a yoga class and is the suggested pose for the practice of yoga nidra. There are many variations, or modifications, to accommodate our different bodies or how we may be feeling any particular day.

The most basic form of savasana is lying on the back without props, lying flat on your back, arms away from the body a bit with palms facing up toward the ceiling or in toward the body.



The simplest of props are a blanket, folded twice, under the head, and another rolled up and placed under thighs just above the knees.



The next step in savasana is to include some propping from restorative yoga. I like these two variations because one opens the chest and shoulders, and the other gives a little supported back bend, as well as opening the shoulders,  that is really nice with our modern tendency to slouch forward constantly.



Blanket folds for restorative savasana 1.




The main thing to remember in savasana is that it is an integrative pose. It’s done at the end of practice to re-center us and release into a state of unity and relaxation. Check in with your body and as you release into the mat and adjust accordingly, using any props necessary to allow you to release your body completely and just be.


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