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July Affirmations

July Affirmations

As we move onto Summer let’s affirm our natural state of wholeness, and ability to learn. Confidence arises naturally from the acknowledgment of the completeness of our being. To claim confidence consciously, usually creates an attitude of arrogance.

So with these affirmations let’s allow a sense of wholeness and humility to guide us into a greater sense of who we are, and a more complementary relationship with the world. 

July 3-9

I easily learn and acquire new knowledge and skills which open doors for my further prosperity.

July 10-16

My abilities enable me to easily fulfill my dreams and accomplish my goals.

July 17-23

My skillful accomplishment of worthy goals enriches everyone in my life.

July 24-30

I am happy, joyous, and free, and wish the same for everyone, everywhere.

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