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For some people the physical practice of yoga asanas is all they know or care to know of yoga. Even with just the asanas, or a practice that concentrates on the postures, you can experience a positive effect on your mental and emotional states, but when you bring all aspects of yoga into your practice you can reach a truly peaceful state in total. Yoga postures as an exercise are a very good exercise, but done without proper alignment they can also lead to injuries over the long run.

We practice proper alignment first, so while you may not sweat in our classes, or wrap yourself in pretzels, you will learn to sense your body and carry it in a more natural, effortless way. You will learn to shed the habits that can be accumulated with our modern lifestyles.

Breathing and mental exercises (meditation) teach us further physical alignment, but also mental and emotional alignment, bringing us to a true sense of union within ourselves, and in turn bringing us into better union with our lives and the people in them.

Our yoga is for the modern-day office worker. The person who gets caught up in what they’re doing and loses track of time. The person with so much on their plate they forget to take time for themselves. Even if you enjoy your job immensely, you can benefit from a well-rounded yoga practice!

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