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Synchronicity Through Showing Up

Synchronicity Through Showing Up

Over the past year a lot has happened in my life. Almost all of it positive. I’m working at a place that values my skills. I’m in a fabulous relationship. I started a Master’s degree program perfectly geared to my personal goals. For the most part these positive happenings have occurred without me pushing for them. While I made the efforts necessary to pursue each of these, I have not forced things, and have showed up ready to participate in the opportunities that have presented themselves.

In one of my classes I had to interview three people in my chosen field. One thing that was true of each person I talked with was that they all seemed to have defining moments where everything seemed to synchronize. Circumstances came together and brought them closer to what they now are practicing as their livelihood.The key here for me has been to not be so caught up in what I want, or how I think life should unfold, but to be prepared for how life does unfold, with a positive outlook toward possibility. This does not mean I go around acting like everything is OK, or that everything happens for a reason, or is as it should be. I don’t walk around with a constant smile on my face, delusional in thinking that all is perfect.

It means I accept reality, both good and bad, and try my best to be open to the choices I can make to bring about my highest good. I’ve seen lately that this attitude of openness is where the possibility of synchronicity exists. In short, good things happen only when I show up.

So what are you doing to be more open to positive potentials? What practices help you to have more peace of mind, and allow you to be more serene, so that you can be aware enough to see opportunities?

May we all be open and receptive to our highest good,

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