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The Need for Clarity

The Need for Clarity

Have you ever been the victim of information dump? You begin a conversation with someone and they begin to tell you about everything happening in their life, or all the things running around in their head, at that moment. At various times I’ve been both the info dumper and dumpee. I’m guessing everyone can relate.

When we get to that point it’s like a tea kettle going off. We’ve been holding in too long, or haven’t found a way to flip the release valve before things built up to the point of coming out uncontrollably.

What does this have to do with clarity? Well, simply put, a clear mind can focus. A clear mind can be fully in the present moment. It can tackle any problem, and can achieve great things. A clear mind is also a firm bed for the flowering of happiness, as a cluttered mind will cause us to make unwise decisions that can create chaos, regret, guilt, and shame.

Life can be overwhelming

Life is complicated. I know I have a tendency to make it even more so from time to time as I roll things around in my mind. We all have wants and are trying to figure out how to get them. We all have ideas of how the world and people in it should be, and wonder why things aren’t that way.

In reality, life is only as complicated as this moment. And most of the time that’s not very complicated at all.

Currently I’m trying to do two things in my life. 1) Figure out how to make teaching and helping others through the path of yoga and introspection into my livelihood, and 2) trying to find a meaningful relationship and connection with another person (otherwise known as love).

I have all kinds of ideas of how things should be, or about how quickly results should come. My lack of patience and fixed concepts cloud my ability to see things as they are and make the best choice for any particular moment.

My desires can also keep me out of clarity, but having goals is important. Meditating on ideal circumstances, and planning out the steps to take to achieve them is necessary to cultivate hope. I need to remember to not be a prisoner of those ideals, sacrificing the joy available in the now.

How to cultivate clarity

The ways I cultivate clarity are many. Being open to ideas that contradict what I presently believe is one way. A willingness to learn is essential.

Journaling, talking to friends, or otherwise getting things out of my head helps to identify erroneous ideas and rationalizations.

Meditating to help sooth the fluctuations of the mind, to calm the incessant deluge of information and evaluations, allows the real inner voice of wisdom to come out. It allows me to speak and act from the heart.

Exercising the body is important too, because a tired, stiff, or sore body can make us feel negative emotions that counteract clarity and inner peace.

Healthy eating, which is the biggest area I need improvement in, is important because we are what we take into our bodies. I must be turning into a cake, with a side of ice cream, if that happened literally.

What do you do to promote clarity and calmness in your self?

May we all be open and receptive to our highest good,


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