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What It Means To Live In Truth

What It Means To Live In Truth

“Speak your truth,” “live your truth,” “be true to yourself”; you may hear statements like these often if you attend yoga classes on a regular basis. These declarations are reflective of the concept in yoga called Satya, or truthfulness. Though I agree with the intention behind these statements, I’ve always felt like when I hear these sentiments from a yoga teacher (and the explanation surrounding them) there’s something a bit off.

The intention behind these statements is to help lead people to listen to their inner guidance more. Many of us, probably all of us at various times, aren’t certain about our direction in life and feel we are stumbling around in the dark. We don’t always take time to sit and listen to the wisdom within. We feel something is off, or there’s something we should be doing, but we continue on with the humdrum of life without taking the time to get in tune with ourselves (what getting in tune means is a topic in itself). Or worse, this lack of being in tune with our selves causes a conflict within, which results in all sorts of negative patterns of thinking and acting to emerge.

The problem I often hear when yoga teachers explain this concept is that it is stated in such a way that your truth is your truth, and my truth is my truth. While it may be accurate that we each have our own path, there is only one truth. Many people claim to know truth, and usually the word truth is used in reference to a set of personal beliefs. When I say truth, I mean reality the way it is. If we all have our own truth then it’s ok to live in a make believe world inside our head. And if we all live our own reality as such, we are bound to come into conflict; if not with others, than with ourselves as our senses feed us information from the outside world that contradicts our “truth”.

If we each live our own truth it becomes easy to place the blame for any conflict we find ourselves in solely at the feet of the other person.

Most people act based on desires, and allow their minds to create an internal reality which justifies their actions. This is the process of illusion and delusion, otherwise known as rationalization.

To be in line with truth is simply to be in line with reality. In other words, understanding cause and effect clearly. If, instead of our actions being driven only by desires, we reflect on the effects of our actions before we act, we would make wiser decisions. Instead, we mostly operate on auto-pilot based on past conditioning, and desires we have in the moment.

So the difference between finding our truth and living in truth, is the difference between rationalizing why our actions were okay, versus seeing the potential effects of our actions clearly, and choosing the best course that will have the least number of negative effects and the highest potential for positive effects, for us and those around us.

Personal inquiry:
Have I acted in a compulsory way today?
How often have I been on auto-pilot lately?
How can I bring more awareness to my actions?

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