Yoga Nidra

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Yoga Nidra is designed to bring about deep relaxation, which can help you experience benefits like these:

  • Reduced anxiety and built up tension
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Increased your ability to handle stress and relieves built-up stress
  • Increased joy and contentment
  • Free the mind of negative mental and emotional patterns
  • 1 hour of yoga nidra is said to be as restful as 4 hours of sleep

If a practice could free you of unnecessary stress and tension, wouldn’t you do it?

Well yoga nidra is such a practice. A deeply relaxing practice with roots in ancient yoga traditions, yoga nidra has helped people from all walks of life enjoy freedom from stress, and improved health because of that lessoning of stress.

Do you want something that is simple and easy to do?

Yoga nidra is done lying down on your back, while the teacher guides you through consciously relaxing your whole body. The only effort you have to make is to listen to the teacher’s voice as they guide you through the practice. Lie down, press play, and relax. It’s that easy!

The Practice of Yoga Nidra comes with 8 audio files, including 4 full Yoga Nidra guided meditations, and 4 audio files with instructions for each stage of the practice.


For only $19.99 you get:

  • The 4 stage Yoga Nidra practice (approx 15 min)
  • The 6 stage Yoga Nidra practice (approx 19 min)
  • The 7 stage Yoga Nidra practice (approx 20 min)
  • The 8 stage Yoga Nidra practice (approx 25 min)

Begin your journey to peace and relaxation.

Purchase your copy of The Practice of Yoga Nidra today for only $19.99!

Here is the introduction from The Practice of Yoga Nidra:


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